The Problem

Cancer today is spreading at epidemic proportions. The stress this puts on patients, doctors and the healthcare system as a whole isn't sustainable. As per the NHP 2013 report, 70% of the Indian population lives in Rural areas, while only 1/3rd of our government doctors can be found in Rural India.

For cancer patients this translates into a severe shortfall of expert oral oncologists for screening with only 1 doctor for 10,000+ patients. Current oral cancer screening devices are expensive and can only be operated by an expert, making them inaccessible in most regions.
So how can we make accessible, affordable and universally available oral healthcare screening a reality?


Overview of the density of cancer cases across the world.

Our Solution

We first identified the various people who are impacted by the problem of oral cancer - and it goes much beyond the patient themselves.

Yes, the patient has to deal with the insecurity and the tension of dealing with a life threatening disease - but it's the doctors, academics, hospitals, pharmacies, NGO's and various other stakeholders who play a critical role in the patient getting better. Our solution had to involve each of them; which is where our mentors and partners have played a key role.

The app itself runs on a regular smartphone and uses AI to classify oral cavity lesions based on analyses of the images captured. Our app cannot be a complete substitute for a physician - but it can give the patient critical and actionable information when they really need it; enough to make an informed decision and at a fraction of the time and cost.

This is what we want India to experience. And you can help us achieve this by downloading the app and taking that first step in your own health care.


The solution is now in your hands


Trusted by AIMS, IBM Watson X Prize, NASSCOM and Indian Govt. Initiatives

Our Team

Reuben Fernandes 

Founder CEO at Atom360

"Built things from robots to a satellite that is currently in orbit. Loves exploring the science of art and the art of science"

Rizma Banu 

Founder COO at Atom360

“Curious! Sharing some love and technology”

KK Mehta 

Android developer at Atom360

"Electronics engineer by education, Android developer by experience & a hobbyist musician."

Our Mentors

Dr.Raj Melville 

Executive Director,

Deshpande Foundation

Prof.U C Jaleel 

Principal Scientist,

The Open Source Pharma Foundation,
NIAS Bangalore

Dr. M. Vijaya Kumar

Hon. Vice Chancellor

Yenepoya Medical University, Mangalore

Dr. Vishal Rao U. S. 

Head Neck Surgical Oncologist, Bengaluru

Craig Zamary 




Experience: 2-3 Years

We are looking for a full stack developer who has experience in React Native with .Net

React Native, React Native Framework, Azure PaaS services, ASP.NET Web API and Entity Framework, T-SQL, SOLID principles and design patterns


Analytics India Mag

26th February 2018

"Meet India’s Only Entrant to IBM Watson X Prize Challenge That Is Developing A Solution To Screen & Segment Oral Cancer"

Bengaluru startup builds AI tool to screen oral cancer

13th October 2020

"Atom360, which has collaborated with AIIMS Delhi and Bhubaneswar, has created an app, Berry Care, to detect suspicious lesions in the mouth, which could indicate oral cancer"

Udayavani E-Paper

December 2018

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